Become a Tapp Agent is easy

As an Agent, you could earn additional income by selling any products available on the app. All you need is an Android smartphone and you could find almost any products your customers need with competitive price


Register as a Tapp Agent

To become a Tapp Agent, obtain competitive prices and start selling, you just have to submit personal data and create business name or store name to be discovered by your customers.

As a Tapp Agent you will immediately see the price changes, this is the Agent price to allow you earn more profit as sellers.

Buy products for yourself or sell it to your customers, either way is more profitable.

Announce your location

Your customers will be able to find you through Agent Map, simply announce your location on setting menu, after that, your location and business name will pop up on the map according to the setting you’ve made.

Top up Tapp Balance

To start selling and accept payments, you have to top up your Tapp balance. With enough balance, you will be able to accept cash payment from walk in customers and make 24 hour transaction. No minimum amount to top up your balance at no additional charge.

“To Earn More Income” Said Chimot, Tapp Agent, Jakarta

Chimot is one of our Agent in Jakarta, at the beginning he immediately feel the smooth flow of transaction and a huge profit in each products. He described Tapp as an app with competitive price, bigger profit and fast transaction.

Please read the whole story of him as Tapp Agent

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