Need help with Tapp Market?

What is Tapp Market?

Tapp Market is a mobile marketplace that enables people to shop online with cash. You can buy from Tapp Market even if you don’t have a credit card or a bank account.

What can I do with Tapp Market?

With Tapp Market, you can buy and sell goods and services online. It is easy and reliable to use and you can find goods and services around your country to be delivered to your nearest Tapp agent.

How can I start to use Tapp Market?

Download Tapp Market app from Google Play to your Android device. Sign in as a customer and locate your nearest Tapp agent using Agent map in the app. You can browse all goods and services on Tapp Market and select those that you would like to buy. Then visit your nearest Tapp Agent and pay your purchases with cash.

What goods and services I can find from Tapp Market?

From Tapp Market you can find goods and services from these categories:

– Gadgets & accessories
– Health & beauty
– Fashion
– Electronics & appliances
– Home & kitchen

Top up:
– mobile
– game vouchers and wallets
– pay TV
– electricity
– water

Bill Payments:
– electricity
– water
– insurance
– broadband and landline connections
– multi-finance

Do I need a credit card or bank account to be able to buy from Tapp Market?

No, you don’t need credit card or bank account for buying from Tapp Market. You just need to locate your nearest Tapp agent and pay with cash.

How can I get Tapp Market to my mobile?

Tapp Market is available for Android phones from Google Play Store
Open Play Store on you phone and search for Tapp Market and download the app.

How can I find my nearest Tapp agent?

Look for the Agent map in Tapp Market app. The Agent map is available from the sidebar menu and when you complete a purchase.

Is it safe to download Tapp Market app from Google Play to my mobile?

It is safe to download Tapp Market app from Google Play. Don’t install copies from other place, always update only from Google Play.
Tapp Market is build to handle transactions securely and reliably. We take great care in ensuring our customers are satisfied with the service we provide. Our customer service is happy to assist you with any questions you have.

How can I become a Tapp agent?

Becoming a Tapp Agent is easy. Download Tapp Market app from Google Play to your Android device.
1) Sign in as a user.
Open the app and create a new user account

2) Register as an agent
Fill in additional details about yourself and become an agent

3) Announce your location
Add your location to the Agent map and help customers to find you

4) Make a deposit
Deposit is used as trading balance when you sell to customers. Customers pay you in cash and you earn commission on every sale.

For detailed deposit instructions check Deposit Info page

5) Start selling
Sell goods and services from Tapp Market to your customers

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