Tapp Market

Tapp Market is a new marketplace service available as Android app and on the web.

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Mobile marketplace for easy buying and selling

Safely buy products and services with cash or earn money by selling in your community.

Tapp Market is currently available in the Philippines and Indonesia, and soon launching in other countries in 2017.

Tapp Market brings buyers and sellers together with a mobile marketplace app, that makes purchasing online with cash easy and reliable.

Become a Tapp agent and sell phone load, gaming vouchers, utilities and bill payments.

As a buyer, find nearby agents and easily pay with cash.

Start using immediately

Download the Tapp Market app, browse the catalog and choose products to buy from a Tapp agent. Follow a simple registration process to become a Tapp agent and you can start selling to others too.

Find Tapp agents

Tapp agents can set their location and offer different services or products for purchase. The Agents map makes it easy for customers to find the nearest Tapp agent in their community offering the services that they need.


Secure and reliable

Our service is built to handle transactions in a reliable and secure way. The scalable architecture ensures all payments and other transactions are handled quickly and cost efficiently, while maintaining secure operations.

Growing product catalog

Tapp Market is always adding new categories and products. Buyers will see better prices and a wider variety of products/ services, while agents can increase their income through a wider portfolio of products/services available.

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Tapp Market web app

If you don’t have an Android phone, Tapp Market can also be accessed with our web app which is compatible with most mobile and desktop browsers. Please note that the web app doesn’t have all the functionality of the Android app but can be used for the basic features of the marketplace service.

Access web app


▪ Become an agent by topping up your Tapp Wallet through either online banking, over-the-counter / ATM banking or over-the-counter payment/bayad centers
▪ Sell products in your local community or on-the-go
▪ Customers find you through the Agents map – you can be on the move and still be found
▪ Make money from every sale to customers
▪ Benefit from competitive prices
▪ See complete sales history with details


▪ Find the nearest Tapp agents from the Agents map
▪ Store purchases and received tokens & vouchers in purchase history
▪ Buy Tapp Coins from agents and use them to pay for purchases anytime, anywhere
▪ Get notified of the latest promotions and special discounts

Download Tapp Market now!

Tapp Market is a new marketplace service available as Android app and on the web.

Get it on Google Play