Boost your sales, Tapp agent!


Level up your sales with these tips and with several new features of Tapp Market app.

While there are thousands of small things to take care of on a daily basis, it is worth to reconsider every now and then, how to earn more and how to make the most out of your sales.

While visiting your store, you most probably change few words with your customer. What do they tell you? What are their daily needs that you could help them with? Is there a certain need that you could fulfill, for example, by providing products or services from Tapp Market, such as, train tickets, bills payment – or maybe something totally different?


Prepare to meet your customer:

  • Time to make a suggestion, for example: “Oh, you are travelling – did you know, that you can by your travel tickets through me?”
  • Flexibility, for example: “I can stay here later in the evening for you.” Or “I know, that there will be some new products in sale tomorrow, would you like me to reserve those for you?
  • Prepare to bargain. Customers do benchmark prices and try to find most affordable solutions. While in discussions with them, set your limits, how much lower you can sell and still acquire the sales.
  • Prepare to sell more during the visit. Is there a daily offer that would make sense for your customer? Remember to mention them during the discussion.
  • Explain and ask: Have you used Tapp Market?”  

Have you heard about Tapp Market Shopkeeper app?

Tapp Market Shopkeeper app is specifically designed for you, who want to sell your own products at Tapp Market. It is an intuitive tool for you to add your product images, texts and product description to Tapp Market. It also gives you real time business data about your sales success.

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