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What is Tapp?

Tapp is an application to shop online products for your android based smartphones.

Everyday you will find a lot of smart offer with competitive prices for variety of products, such as airtime vouchers of all operators, electricity, OVO, Go-Pay, Dana, including physical products of fashion, home appliances electronikcs and many more.

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We’re working hard to provide the best products just for you. We choose the products you need and use everday, from airtime vouchers of all operators to any digital products available on the market.

Do you need to refill your electricity token? Ran out of electricity token in the middle of the night? Your regular store is already closed? 

Don’t worry, one of our best products is electricity token, it’s reliable, cheap and available 24 hours

You don’t have to que in line, transaction is fast, safe and secure, simply choose your preferred denomination and pay to the nearest Tapp Agent on the neighborhood.

Looking for physical products? No worries, Tapp also provide a lot of gadgets and accessories for your smartphones. Health and Beauty products, Fashion for men and women, home appliances, find it all from the comfort of your home

All this and more. Every day.

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Shop online while on the go. Browse your Tapp app whenever to find best prices for phone credits, electricity, phone products, women’s fashion, home decoration and more.

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Locate your nearest Tapp Agent from the map on your Tapp Market app. Visit your nearest Tapp Agent and buy products with cash from the agent. 

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Each transaction is stored in payment history, you could repurchase the product or find another offer easily

Pay Cash

You don’t need bank account or credit card to buy from Tapp. Simply locate your nearest Tapp Agent and pay with cash just like your everyday shopping.

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